Welcome Southlake Family

Every year, our generous community contributes millions of dollars to support the urgent priorities of Southlake. Those donations would not be possible without the exceptional care that Our People — staff, physicians, and volunteers — provide each and every day at Southlake. 

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We Need You! 

At Southlake, Our People are our greatest ambassadors. Many of you have been strong supporters of Southlake events, such as the Run or Walk for Southlake and the Inside Ride. We are looking to our hospital family – Our People – to lead by example, and make a donation of any size to Southlake. Your support will encourage countless others to do the same. 

Ways to Give

Everyone prefers to give in different ways. With that in mind, please see your options for supporting our hospital and choose the one that suits you best. For more information or to speak with someone directly about your gift contact: 

Danielle Boyle | d2boyle@southlakeregional.org | 905-836-7333 ext. 5122

Enroll in the Payroll Giving Program

With this one simple form , you can enroll in the payroll donation program, and immediately have the dollar figure of your choosing donated from your biweekly paycheque. This is the easiest way for staff to donate to Southlake. Donations are deductible in your annual income tax returns, and your contributions via payroll will appear on your T4 annually in box 40. Your biweekly contributions will also appear on your electronic pay slip as donations to SHRC. When you join this group of loyal donors, your contributions will be spread throughout the year in manageable amounts. Download the form here and follow the return instructions included on the form.

Give a One Time Gift

You can also support Southlake by giving a one-time gift! You can make this gift now using one of the following options:

  • To donate online, click here.
  • To donate via cash, cheque or credit, download and return the form here. Donations can be made in person, by mail, or by phone.

Enroll in the Hospital Family Lottery

Southlake Foundation has a bi-weekly 50-50 draw for all hospital family! Tickets for each bi-weekly draw are limited (due to lottery/gaming stipulations) so sign up early to secure your spot!

Please read more for 50/50 rules , regulations and frequently asked questions.

The 50/50 draw is currently at capacity. If you would like to submit your name to the waiting list, please email Danielle Boyle at d2boyle@southlakeregional.org

To opt out: Download the form here and follow the return instructions included on the form. 

2015 Hospital Family 50-50 Draw Winners: 

2016 Hospital Family 50-50 Draw Winners:

Draw 1 (January 7, 2016) Congratulations to Elaine Wolf of MAB Surgery!

Draw 2 (January 21, 2016) Congratulations to Vicki Christenson of Paeds/Neonatal Care/NICU!

Draw 3 (February 4, 2016) Congratulations to Sofia P. Dias of the Diabetic Clinic & Education!  

Draw 4 (February 18, 2016) Congratulations to Yvonne Ross of the C&A Mental Health Outpatient!   

Draw 5 (March 3, 2016) Congratulations to Patricia G. Zbaraschuk of the Cancer Inpatient! 

Draw 6 (March 17, 2016) Congratulations to Janet Crittenden of the Rehab & Neuro Unit! 

Draw 7 (March 31, 2016) Congratulations to Marion Lougheed of the Laboratory! 

Draw 8 (April 14, 2016) Congratulations to Brenda Ellis of the PACU!

Draw 9 (April 28, 2016) Congratulations to Matina Floros of the Diagnostic Imaging!

Draw 10 (May 12, 2016) Congratulations to Tammy L. Bridger of the Sterilazation Process!

Draw 11 (May 26, 2016) Congratulations to Bryan K. Tennant of the Purchasing/Distribution!

Draw 12 (June 9, 2016) Congratulations to Rebecca L. Weller of Patient Access!

Draw 13 (June 23, 2016) Congratulations to Shauna N. Languay of Facilities Operations!

Draw 14 (July 7, 2016) Congratulations to Verneen Romo of Mental Health OutPt!

Draw 15 (July 21, 2016) Congratulations to Kendra Adams of Birthing/Post Partum Unit!

Draw 16 (August 4, 2016) Congratulations to Cailtlin Shipley of Mental Health InPt Unit!

Draw 17 (August 18, 2016) Congratulations to Serena Casserly of Mental Health InPt Unit!

Draw 18 (September 1, 2016) Congratulations to Carolyn Davis-Pires of Mental Health OutPt Unit!

Draw 19 (September 15, 2016) Congratulations to Jennifer Andrews of Diagnostic Imaging Unit!

Draw 20 (September 29, 2016) Congratulations to Marilyn Morley of Cancer Clinic Unit!

Draw 21 (October 13, 2016) Congratulations to Shelley Weeks of Cancer Clinic Unit!

Draw 22 (October 27, 2016) Congratulations to Donna Mullin of MAB Surgery!

Draw 23 (November 10, 2016) Congratulations to Kira Pereira of OR/Perfusion!

Draw 24 (November 24, 2016) Congratulations to John Brown of Facility Operations!

Draw 25 (December 8, 2016) Congratulations to Lana Chan-Smith of Pharmacy!

Thank You!

You, the amazing group of staff, physicians, volunteers, and students who make up the Southlake family, are the number one reason that patients feel inspired to support our hospital with their donations. The excellent care that you provide results in thousands of gifts and positive patient stories submitted every year. We thank you for providing the shockingly excellent experiences for which Southlake is known.

“Our People are the best ambassadors for Southlake, and your willingness to give speaks volumes to the community. It says: 'We believe in the care that we provide and that our community has a right to first-class care close to home. We hope you do too.' ”

- Dr. Dave Williams, President and CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre