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Fall, 2014

Correction Notice:

In the Winter 2015 issue of Beingwell, the “Message from Southlake” [p.5] references the use of the Nanostim Leadless Pacemaker Device by the regional cardiac program.   This device is currently the subject of investigational testing by Health Canada and is not approved for regular sale in Canada.  The article in Beingwell should in no way be construed as endorsement or advertising for this product. 



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100,000 lives transformed in 10 years

This special edition of beingwell is dedicated to the Regional Cardiac Care Program at Southlake. Learn more about the history of the program and the visionaries who developed it into what it is today. Meet patients – Justine, Ian, Charlotte, David, Silvio, Ralph, Ed, and Clair – whose lives have been transformed by the cardiac care they received at Southlake. And meet the dedicated interprofessional team and world-class surgeons who are committed to providing the next 100,000 people with the thoughtful and leading-edge care on which this world-class program has built its reputation. 

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